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if my husband doesnt tear up when im walking down the aisle im turning the fuck around 

my husband definitely will because he’s gonna have to put up with me for the rest of his life and that’s enough to make anybody cry

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*wakes up from coma* “tell me I dont have a unibrow”

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when ur tryin to tell a story but people talk over you


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i want my music so loud that i can’t hear my life crashing and burning

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(160/365) by (DS)

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When did loving yourself
become so rare, that it’s
revolutionary to do so?


reasons to date me

  • no pressure to wear pants in my presence
  • or any clothes at all really
  • but it’s up to you
  • u can be big spoon or little spoon
  • totally your choice
  • i’m always ready to make out
  • aLwaYs
  • also u don’t even have to buy me things just maybe an ice cream cone every once in a while that’s it 
  • i’ll let you lick it though
  • i mean the ice cream cone
  • well not just the ice cream cone

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if u can do liquid eyeliner u can do anything

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